MADEMOISELLE DANSE c'est avant tout l'histoire de ses 2 fondatrices, Cécile & Stéphanie. 

Two passionate & inseparable cousins since their youngest age.

First of all, Cecile.

She's the dreamer. The artist.
At the age of 11, she left her parents and moved in with her cousin to join the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille.
A few years later, her dream as a little girl came true:
she became a professional dancer

Then Stephanie.

Psychologist, passionate about the human soul, she has always wanted to understand others. To help them love each other, to feel good in their minds and in their lives.

So, when the two cousins got together on the evening of August 2012, they talked about their common passion, Dance, and their desire to live a new adventure together.
They start dreaming of a place paying tribute to this art, where all the most beautiful brands of classical dance would come together to satisfy the desires of all dancers.
Today Mademoiselle Danse has become the reference site for classical dance in France.
What they wished and implemented for the dancers, Cécile and Stéphanie now want to offer it to all women. Always inspired by the world of ballet, they are looking for new selections, this time for the woman behind each dancer and the dancer in each woman.
Accompanying the dancer in her everyday life and offering the world of dance to those who may not dance on stage or in the studio but who dance in her life, in her body, in her heart, this is their new mission.
Through this dive into the world of dance, we discover, alongside of course a dance selection that is always as sharp as ever, a selection of ready-to-wear, beauty and decoration brands that we will take pleasure in discovering throughout the pages.

"2020 is a year that will remain forever etched in the minds of all of us. We have all experienced these events differently. As far as we are concerned, this time of "pause" that was imposed on us allowed us to reflect on what drives us. It allowed us to embark on a project that is close to our hearts: sharing the world of ballet. We wanted to go further by proposing the first concept store dedicated to the world of dance. We can't wait to share the world of ballet on a daily basis".


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