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Women wrap over top

Mademoiselle Danse has selected for you the most beautiful wrap-over top and sweaters. The warm-up outfit is an essential part of the performance of the dancer. Before, at the beginning of the course, as after at the end of the course, the dancer wears a wrap-over top that allows to appreciate its posture and do not hiding too much her body movements. Elegant and emblematic of classic dancing, the wrap-over top will satisfy all dancers ! Pull overs are also products used by the dancer, rather contemporary or jazz. They offer a variety of models, formats, materials and colors. For those who find that the wrap-over top and sweaters are too hot, there is also the shoulder warmer. This allows the arms to be protected from the cold while keeping the bust free. Mademoiselle Danse offers you a wide range regularly renewed to feel warm during the cold seasons, so do not hesitate!

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