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Women underwear

Discover our selection of invisible underwear essential for dancing. Whether it's for your classes or for your shows Mademoiselle Danse has thought of you! For classical dance classes you may need a bra for better support. With flesh or transparent shoulder straps it will be very discreet underneath your dance leotard. For contemporary dance or jazz, a panties or a flesh or black shorts with a bra will be the ideal. Our selection consists of different styles of bras so that you find your happiness. Back swimmer, thin shoulder straps, reinforced at the chest you will have the choice. For shows, the skin leotard is the indispensable dance article of the classical dancer. Similar to a dancing leotard but skin-colored it is more indented at the hips and body to be the most invisible possible!

  •  Support bra with a second skin effect thanks to its mesh technique. Transparent back, 2 sets of straps, one nude and the other transparent, flexible.

    21,67 €
  •  Nude shorts, second skin effect. Maintains your silhouette and your body posture, thanks to technical mesh. Soft and comfortable. 90% Tactel, 7% spandex, 3% cotton.

    15,00 €
  •  Support bra with a second skin effect thanks to its mesh technique.Bratek design to provide support and modesty under dancewear and costumes.Transparent back, 2 sets of straps, one nude and the other transparent, flexible. 

    23,33 €
  •  Visu dance short intentionally short to suit the needs of the dancers movements.Part of the must have classic dance apparel.Goes unnoticed under a dance dress or with a dance leotard.Viscose Spandex.

    20,83 €
  •  Camisole leotard with a second skin effect, low back. Two sets of nude, thin, interchangeable, transparent straps. 90% Tactel and 10% spandex.

    27,50 €
  •   Full nude body tight. With convertible feet, you can wear it under your costumes. Thin straps, rounded neckline in front and in the back. 86% Tactel, 14% spandex.Mademoiselle Danse likes: the second skin effect.                               

    22,50 €
  •  Camisole leotard with "bratek" bra technology integrated. Transparent, flexible and adjustable straps. 92% meryl, 8% lycra.

    32,50 €
  •  Second skin effect brief with its technical mesh. Nude and low rise. Tactel 90%, 7% and 3% spandex cotton.

    15,00 €
  •   Full nude body tight. With convertible feet, you can wear it under your costumes.Thin straps, rounded neckline in front and in the back.86% Tactel, 14% spandex.Mademoiselle Danse likes: very comfortable !                           

    22,50 €
  •  Thong which gives a second skin effect thanks to its mesh technique.Nude, it will be invisible underneath your outfits.90% tactel, 7% cotton and 3% spandex.

    14,17 €
  •  Cotton camisole style dance/sport bra top with 'Bratek' technology built in for added comfort, modesty and support.90% cotton, 10% spandex.

    24,17 €
  •  Very soft gel breast pad. Gives a smooth effect under leotards or costumes. Very handy storage box. Can be washed with warm water and soap.Reusable. Mademoiselle Danse likes : the smoothness of the gel and the skinlike color.

    18,33 €
  •   Dance seamless bra for women.Large straps, round neckline front and on the backMix of polyamid and elastane. Mademoiselle Danse likes: its very good support!

    30,00 €
  •  Bra flesh thin straps.Neckline straight front and back.Perfect for the dance shows.Lined on the front.Mat Lycra. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the bra finesse.

    12,50 €
  •  Dance short Repetto.In polyamide elastane, it gives a great support.Gusset for comfort.Seamless.Short perfect to wear it as its own or under a  costume. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the support zones

    25,00 €
  •  Dance bra Repetto.In polyamid elastane entirely lined, it gives a great support .Round neckline front and on the back, large straps on the edges.Perfect to wear it as it own or under a costume. Mademoiselle Danse likes : the support zones.

    29,17 €
  • Reversible ballet bra. U raw neckline with reday to wear finition seams on the sides. Wide U backline with silicon printed logo. Made ethically in a Sample maker Atelier in Seoul, Korea.   Creora® fiber (suprior comfort & stretch) - antibacterial - fast dry - quick absorbtion

    24,17 €
  •  Skin leotard Dansez-Vous.Round neckline front and low on the back.Perfect to wear under the costumes.In microfiber.Spandex luxurious.Send with nude straps and also transparent. Mademoiselle Danselikes: the possibility to put the straps as you want.

    23,33 €
  • Bra Dansez-Vous.Round neckline front. Perfect to wear under the costumes or leotard.In microfiber.Spandex luxurious.Send with ude straps and transparent straps. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the neckline on the back.

    20,83 €
  •  Dance panties seamless Dansez-Vous.Perfect to wear under the  costumes or leotard.In microfiber.Spandex luxurious. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the thin fabric, very discreet under the outfit.

    12,50 €
  •  Bloch dance bra sleeveless zip front.Elastic wide logo.Very comfortable nylon spandex it also provides excellent support. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the wide elastic band with the Bloch logo.  

    25,00 €
  •  High waist dance pants.Elastic wide logo.Very comfortable spandex nylon. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the wide elastic band with the Bloch logo.

    16,67 €
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