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Classical dance has always been the soul of Repetto. The quest for excellence since its creation has enabled it to develop high-quality products specially designed to meet the expectations of dancers all over the world, both for textile and for footwear. Repetto was founded in 1947 by Rose Repetto, the Roland Petit's mother, who manufactures her first booties using a totally new method: the sewn return. Repetto ballet slippers are sewn upside-down before being turned upside down, providing unmatched comfort and flexibility. Mademoiselle Danse therefore naturally selected the Julieta pointe shoes specially designed for novices thanks to the flexibility of the sole that allows the young dancers to learn the advanced work smoothly. Mademoiselle Danse selects for you every season dance articles that combine comfort, grace and technicality. Repetto bags and leotards are a must-see!

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