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Women warm up

Everything for women to warm up: leggings, gaiters, shorts, shoulder-warmer, wrap-over top, combinations and so on. Mademoiselle Danse has selected for you the most beautiful articles ! The warm-up outfit is an essential part of the performance of the dancer. Before and at the beginning of the course the dancer wears over her tight and leotard a trousers of mesh or fleece or a combination. For the upper body, nothing more classic and more elegant than a wrap-over top that allows to appreciate the posture and don't hiding too much body movements ! For those who wish to see the work of their legs, the gaiters or the spats will be the best adapted. Mademoiselle Danse offers different colors and materials. The combination short or the short will be very practical for those who want to hide their shapes. You will find in this category a large selection of warm-up outfit with different shapes, materials, colors and styles, so do not hesitate !

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