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Bloch dance wear and slippers: a technical and esthetic selection of leotards, skirts, pointe shoes and ballet splippers for children and adults. Emblematic Australian brand, it has conquered the world thanks to the quality of its products. Find among the Mademoiselle Danse selection the most beautiful leotards of the moment with original and delicate cuts, or a selection of women tutu. Each season you can discover the Bloch novelty inspired by the current trend. Bloch has also a range of high quality and technical slippers such as ballet slippers in leather Arise whole sole and Prolite bi-soles that will be suitable for novices for the first as well as the most confirmed for seconds. Mademoiselle Danse has also selected point shoes for young dancers, the Amélie Soft, whose soft sole is perfectly adapted to novices and allow them to climb more easily on the platform. The more advanced will appreciate the Serenade pointe shoes with its harder sole and its medium vamp which will allow an easier passage on the half-point.

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