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Manufacturer of slippers and dancing shoes since 1974, Merlet devotes its energy, know-how and passion to the design, innovation and manufacture of its products. Mademoiselle Danse has selected for you the slippers ballet Merlet Stella in stretch canvas bi-soles. Great comfort, you will love these dance shoes ! For your pointe shoes, Merlet offers cotton ribbons with an elasticized part to relieve Achilles tendon. Very comfortable for those who make a lot of peak hours or have tendons that are fragile.

  •  Ballet shoes Merlet split sole in stretch canvas. Entirely elastic, the will fit closely your feet shape.As comfortable as socks ! Mademoiselle Danse likes : the elastic bands already sewn !  

    20,83 €
  •   Ballet shoes Merlet split sole in stretch canvas.  Entirely elastic, the will fit closely your feet shape. As comfortable as socks !   Mademoiselle Danse likes : the elastic bands already sewn ! 

    20,83 €
  •  Jazz shoes very soft leather.Entire leather sole. Canvas inner.Perfect for the jazz.Closing with shoelace for a perfect adjustment.This article sizes small. We advise you to take a size above your normal shoe size. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the shoe flexibility!

    17,50 €
  •  Handmade shoes made in the Merlet workshop at Limoges.Ideal for the advanced and professional levels.Medium sole with 3/4 shank in polycarbonat.Very stable  flat and on pointe due to the wide platform.High-end pointe. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the lining colour!

    62,50 €
  •  Handmade pointe shoes made in the workshop Merlet at Limoges.Perfect for beginners.Very soft sole to ease the relevé.Very stable flat and on pointes due the the wide platform.Low upper.Width CAvailable in 2 soles hardness S1 very flexible and  S2 flexible.  

    49,17 €
  •  Cotton ribbons from the brand Merlet. Specific ribbons with elastics sewn on the Achilles heel in order to limit the pressure and tendonitis. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the comfort due to the elastic on the heel.

    6,67 €
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