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Ballet bars and music

Ballet bars selection.
  •   Ballet bars with adjustable height. Bar and support made in painted iron. Available in black or white. Bar length: 3m Maximum height: 1.288cm Minimum height: 0.888cm   Perfect for classroom and home decoration !  

    445,83 €
  •  Wooden dance barre, made in France.Stainless steel feet that rotate to take up less space when the barre is stored along a wall.Wooden barre of 1.50 m.Adjustable height thanks to a self-locking graduated stem. Mademoiselle Danse likes: value for money.

    424,17 €
  •   Stainless steel dance barre, made in France.Stainless steel feet that rotate to take up less space when the barre is stored along a wall.Stainless steel barre of 1.50m.Adjustable height thanks to a self-locking graduated stem. Mademoiselle Danse likes: value for money. 

    374,17 €
  •  Stainless Steel dance barre, made in France.Stainless steel feet that rotate to take up less space when the barre is stored along a wall.Stainless Steel Barre of 3m.Adjustable height thanks to a self-locking graduated stem. Mademoiselle Danse likes: value for money.

    407,50 €
  •  Wooden dance barre, made in France.Stainless steel feet that rotate to take up less space when the barre is stored along a wall.Wooden barre of 3m.Adjustable height thanks to a self-locking graduated stem. Mademoiselle Danse likes: value for money. 

    457,50 €
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