Keep your hands soft and beautiful with all our special manicure accessories. You will find all the essentials for the beauty of the hands: nail files, nail polish remover, nail brush ...


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  • Nailmatic

    Nail file & 2 wooden sticks...
    2,50 € Available immediately
    Pink double-sided nail file and its sticks.For an optimal manicure session, a good nail file is de rigueur! Nailmatic offers you its double-sided nail file. One side with a thicker grain for filing and perfecting the nail shape and one side with a finer grain for finishing.You will also find two wooden sticks to gently push back your...
  • Nailmatic

    Nail Polish Remover 30 ml...
    8,33 € Available immediately
    Cream solvent, no you're not dreaming! Nailmatic now offers you a completely innovative product, to be used everywhere in all circumstances! Scented with rose, this cream is enriched with beeswax and vegetable oil (castor, rapeseed, soya). Directions for use : Apply a small dose of cream on your nails.Massage each of your...
  • Nailmatic

    Nail Polish remover Lavender 30 ml
    8,33 € Available immediately
    A 100% natural and 100% effective nail make-up remover. Thanks to the make-up remover and the foam contained inside this jar, you will remove your nail polish in no time at all and go on to your next manicure!With its lavender scent, removing make-up from your nails will become a real moment of care.   Mademoiselle Danse likes: its efficiency 
  • Nailmatic

    Dissolvant Lavender Nail Polish...
    5,00 € Available immediately
    Nailmatic offers you today not a nail polish remover but a 100% natural and bio-sourced nail make-up remover. Scented with lavender, choose a real care for your nails. Nomad format 8ml.Thanks to this make-up remover your nails will be preserved and moisturized!  Mademoiselle Danse likes:  its small size that can be carried everywhere.
  • Nailmatic

    Nailmatic 2 in 1 Base and Top...
    7,92 € Available immediately
    A 2-in-1 top coat varnish, you dreamed of it, Nailmatic did it. It will make your manicure sessions at home easier.  Mademoiselle Danse  likes : its efficiency
  • Bachca

    Bachca Nail Scissors
    11,58 € Available immediately
    Bachca nail scissors provide a safe and precise cut.Made of stainless steel, they are water-resistant.9.2 cm. Mademoiselle Danse likes: the pure and chic line of Bachca accessories.
  • Brosse démêlante - Nylon
    Limited special offer


    Wooden nail brush
    9,33 € 11,67 € -20% Available immediately
    Reduced price!
    The Bachca Nail Brush gently massages and cleans the nails.Its ergonomic shape allows a good grip for thorough cleaning of the nails.The essential tool for preparing your nails before applying nail polish!Made of beech wood.9cm x 6cm Mademoiselle Danse likes : The pure and chic line of Bachca accessories. 
  • Bachca

    Bachca Nail Clippers
    6,58 € Available immediately
    The Bachca nail clipper allows a clean and precise cut of both hand and foot nails in complete safety.6 cm.Mademoiselle Danse likes: likes : the pure and chic line of Bachca accessories.
  • Bachca

    Small Bachca Nail Files
    4,08 € Available immediately
    Mini Bachca nail files.Bachca nail files have 2 sides for perfectly filed nails: gold, thick-grained side for filing and white, fine-grained side for finishing.Always file the nails in the same direction to avoid damaging them.2cm x 8.7cmSold by 4. Mademoiselle Danse likes : the pure and chic line of Bachca accessories.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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